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No matter what, if you have to carpet, it is recommended to have it thoroughly cleaned to help preserve the life of the carpeting. Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? Just brought home a puppy that is yet to be potty-trained and has conveniently soiled the carpet? Don’t worry, if you are in Chino or a neighboring area, just give Chino Carpet Cleaning a call, and we will take care of everything.


Did you know carpets do hide germs and other pollutants within the carpet layers? If you always vacuum your carpets weekly, then may not even believe that your carpets are still dirty. But, the fact is that when undetected or if carpeting is left like that, then other issues may arise like allergies or other problems with your family.


Call us at (714)784-5764 for all kinds of professional cleaning services like professional carpet cleaning! Carpet Cleaning Chino has over a decade of experience with removing dirt, grime, stains and even odor from carpets, and we also clean the other areas of the house that might need thorough cleaning care!

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Carpet Cleaning Chino is known for cleaning carpets, and we are also renowned for upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning, too!

Not only should upholstery be cleaned, but curtains should be too! Curtains may look pretty from the inside, but curtains can collect pollen, carbon deposits from the vehicular traffic and other pollutants from the outside and hide within your curtains. Just like with carpeting and upholstery, curtains should also be thoroughly cleaned.


What about your pillows on your bed? Similarly, the underside or the inside of pillow covers are do contain dirt, sweat, dust mites and other pollutants and should also be cleaned and washed thoroughly! We also provide Rug Cleaning Los Angeles 24 hours a day.


Carpet Cleaning Chino does have experience of cleaning upholstery thoroughly. But, before we begin cleaning, we do check the fabric quality and see if there are any stains. We check for pet hair, food particles, pet urine, wine stains and anything else that shouldn’t be on the furniture. We will remove any loose debris and dirt from the furniture before we clean it.


Tile and grout are one of those places in the home that tend to get ignored. Many people have no idea that bacteria and germs hideout in the cracks. Plus, if grease or something splatters or spills on the tile and grout, it can be difficult to clean with traditional cleaners you get from the store.


We also offer mattress cleaning services, too! Not only does dirt and dust get into the mattress so does allergens, dust mites, and other pollutants. Some people have their mattresses for years and don’t even think to have them professionally cleaned. If you have someone who suffers from skin conditions like eczema, allergies or asthma, it ‘s nice to get your mattresses professionally cleaned every couple of years.



We will answer and tend to emergency cleaning calls for carpet cleaning and other emergencies including a restoration needed for carpet that has been drenched from a situation of urgency like a bad sump pump. Apart from treating and caring for carpets, we offer rug cleaning Chino services, couch cleaning Chino services and more! So, if you need to have us look at your rugs and have them cleaned properly, just let us know! Carpet Cleaning Chino has come up with specialized teams to take care of various kinds of cleaning, and since we offer these services across the city, we make sure that our services are timely, systematic, and thorough!


Carpet Cleaning Chino offers residential cleaning services, business cleaning services, and emergency cleaning services; please feel free to call us at (714)784-5764, especially if you are in or near the areas of 91708 and 91710. Our technicians are ready to help you and are just one phone call away.

Chino Carpet Cleaning Services
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Chino Carpet Cleaning Services

Chino carpet cleaning services
Cleaning a carpet at regular intervals rather then waiting until it is highly soiled has a number of definite advantages. With regular maintenance, the life of your...

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